Watercolor Paintings by Peri Miller

I am a watercolor artist! I really enjoy the way the wet paint glistens, drips and glides on the paper. How the water blends the colors and creates effects, which allows the medium to work with you to create beautiful art creations.

Inspired by Nature

My paintings are usually either bright or moody depending on the vision of that day.

I am guided by a love of nature which is reflected in my paintings.


I paint from my own photography, images in my head, and on location so I can experience nature with all of my senses!

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Bio of Peri Miller

Peri at Fine Art Show
Peri at Fine Art Show
Some of my creations are from my childhood in upstate New York and the others are from the second half of my life in Arizona. When on my journeys I photograph and sketch subject matter that inspires my creativity. Some of my paintings start out abstract and then I stand back to see the direction of the painting.

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